Colorado Springs Commercial Real Estate

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The best way to invest in Colorado Springs Commercial Real Estate is to contact the Brokers at Rampart Commercial. Our Brokers are specialists, researching the markets daily for you. We have Brokers who focus on buying and selling 4 plex multifamily and apartment properties ranging from a 4-plex multifamily property to large apartment complexes, other brokers specialize in commercial land sales and understand the sales and leasing of office and industrial properties.

It is difficult to stay on top of the Colorado Springs commercial Real Estate market on your own. How can you evaluate opportunities without knowing what is going on now in the Colorado Springs Commercial Real Estate market? Our Brokers are using current sales and market reports every day to determine the trends. We have an expertise in commercial real estate appraisal. We can show you the current value of 4 Plex and apartment sales, land sales and office and industrial sales and leases. That kind of knowledge helps a seller evaluate a buyer’s offer. Without paying for a commercial appraisal, we can help buyers and sellers determine the right price range for a property. It gives an investor an in-depth analysis of the financial implications of the deal.

When it is necessary to have the support of a commercial real estate appraisal or residential 4 plex or apartment property appraisal to satisfy lender requirements, Rampart Commercial has Colorado licensed real estate appraisers to assist you.

The Colorado Springs commercial real estate market is unique in several important aspects. First, the local economy is buoyed by the strong federal government presence with the military complexes at Fort Carson, Peterson AF Base, Schriver AF Base, the USAF Academy and Cheyenne Mountain component of NORAD. In addition, the Homeland Defense is headquartered in Colorado Springs.

Second, additional support for the Colorado Springs commercial real estate market comes from numerous not for profit entities and NGOs including the US Olympic headquarters and the Space Foundation.

The brokers at Rampart Commercial can help you understand how these unique employers impact the Colorado Springs commercial real estate market; can help investors select correct investment commercial real estate in Colorado Springs; help buyers and sellers negotiate commercial real estate land, office and industrial property transactions in the Colorado Springs commercial real estate market, and provide assistance with Colorado Springs commercial appraisal needs.

Our other division includes Rampart Appraisal.